Civilised Crossfire

by The Mouldy Lovers

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Brisbane-based ska/punk band The Mouldy Lovers' latest single is a vicious critique of the weapons manufacturing industry and Australia's decision to bomb Syria.

The band started work on the hard-hitting song in August 2015, in response to the news that the federal government was sending Australian planes to bomb targets in war-torn Syria.

The song pulls no punches lyrically, with lines such as "Bomb another village to win the election" and "You are warlords, disguised as CEOs." Catchy, overlapping horn lines and a swung ska beat make for a track that's as danceable as it is thought-provoking.


A terror spectre with its eye on the prize
And the jackpot here? It's your life.
Poison in the news at 100% proof
Stay tuned to the new version of the truth
And why not me?
My locational luxury, our privilege and security
My war little more than a Hollywood fantasy

Drop of the dead beat gone recovery
Civilized crossfire televised worldwide

If I should die far from home, well
Zip me up and ship me back to Mum
With nothing but the 'old lie' to keep her warm
Another childless Mother on the fringes of a War zone
And the last words upon my lips,
'Dulce et decorum est'
Dead meat another number for the campaign
Waste the youth stack the bodies in the War games

Drop of the dead beat gone no recovery
Civilized crossfire worldwide

The bombs drop just a whistle in the wind
They cut the stillness of an August 6th
Is there any stopping us?
What's coming next?

We manufacture apocalypse on a daily basis
paranoia in the media, beards and brown faces
racist rhetoric, spread the infection
bomb another village to win the election
you are warlords, disguised as CEOs
tearing flesh from a corpse like carrion crows
Drape a flag on a soldier's coffin
but you’ll never tell the nation what its really costing
cos war is your business, war is your game
war is your industry, famine and flame
corporation sell weapons to both sides
then count the profits as the bullets fly

Drop of the dead beat gone no recovery
Civilized crossfire worldwide

Eye for an eye in the land of the blind


released May 6, 2017
Produced by Paulie Bromley (The Tanuki Lounge)

Mastering by Dominic McGlinn (DOMC Mastering)

Written by The Mouldy Lovers:

Louis Whelan
Matthew Hsu
Kathryn Bermingham
Jonathan Sri
Gavin Cook
Caroline Townsend
Steph McIntyre

Lyrics by Jonathan Sri and Gavin Cook



all rights reserved


The Mouldy Lovers Brisbane, Australia

The Mouldy Lovers are a 7-piece concoction of ska, punk and dub known for their unique sound and raucous live performances.


  • Aug 25
    Fortitude Valley, QLD

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