Yonder Ruckus

by The Mouldy Lovers

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released January 10, 2013

Written and performed by:
Louis Whelan - Piano Accordion/Banjo/Vocals
Gavin Cook - Guitar/Vocals/Percussion
Matthew Hsu - Trumpet/Trombone/Clarinet/Vocals
Jennifer Horn - Piano/Organ/Backing Vocals
Caroline Townsend - Bass/Backing Vocals
Nicholas Downing - Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals
Jonathan Sri - Saxophone/Guest Vocals
Jessica McFadyen - Trumpet/Backing Vocals

Featuring: Laneous, Robert Zosars

Producer/Engineer: Benjamin Mclure (3Form Productions)
Mastering Engineer: Dave Neil (Modern Mastering)
Assistant Engineers: Cameron Whelan, Konstantin Kersting, Zander Hulme, Byron Bear

Recorded as Gasworks and Airlock Studios

Artwork by: George Whelan, Anna Carlson, Kale Munro, Louis Whelan



all rights reserved


The Mouldy Lovers Brisbane, Australia

The Mouldy Lovers are a 7-piece concoction of ska, punk and dub known for their unique sound and raucous live performances.


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Track Name: Yonder Ruckus
Cry long on this heavy word
There’s freedom in the strangers who howl with the dogs
Cry big on this heavy earth
You’re weightless in space but it’s down here that you’re heard
When your vision to view is silhouetted and skewed
By the snakes in your skin and the straps on your shoes
Pin your hopes in the dirt by the side of the road
Raise a hand when you bellow the call

We can tell you tall tales if it’s all the same
Spinning those bottles and watch you levitate
Leave your nightmares for the sleeping and your open heart break
Dance all to hell I said for heavens sake
Merry road and merry hell
The devil danced but the devil fell
We rise up singing strong in the early morn
There’s always room for one more

Walk the ancients and the shadows that fall
All for the taking and it’s one for all
When you get a gang of rouges up on there feet
To stand true in the family
Take it, take it, take it all
Give it right back when you hear the call
Scream love from deep down in your lungs
Chase our lucky stars out round the back of the sun
Passing stranger what do you know?
In your hands what do you hold?
You tread lightly on this heavy earth
With a feather in your cap from the wings of the muse
Tie us up in strings to show us that new trick
Too many here are just stuck in the fix
Cry loud on this heavy earth
Run with the strange and sleep with the mould
Track Name: Toro
Francisco stands with a cape in his hand
He’s the height of a man and a son on this land
Came quick to change the rules of the game
With blood-lust, smoke and mirrors to play

What will he take and what will he give
He’ll take an arm, he’ll take a leg
And let you never forget
Lead you by the nose when there’s blood to be let

Here come the bulls let ‘em through let ’em through
We’re coming out just for you
This dance is a dance of red mist
Why did it ever come to this?

All dressed for the knife
Where will the sun set today?
On Romero with a glass in his hand
And my body lying under the clay

No blood from the bull
No flash of the knife
No hand in the ring
And no crowd sat in the dust

When the sun beats down
And you cover your face
And the red of your lips
Passes a tongue that lusts for ruin

No blood from the bull
Here we are now all just friends
A face apart from the mass
Take a seat and you get real comfy

It’s a fine day for a dance
And that’s good work if you can get it
It’s a, fine day for a dance
You don't care what the band is playing
Track Name: Demons Of Mine
Every time I go outside it's their face that I see.
It's almost like these monsters always try to follow me.
With teeth that shine like diamonds and eyes as white as snow,
It seems the demons in my heart will never ever go.

I run, I hide, I cannot get away.
I want to disappear and stay there for all my days.
If only I hadn’t done the things I've done,
Then maybe, just maybe I'd never have to run.

I wish I wished upon a star that I could start anew,
But everyone I've ever known would still know what I do.
If I could take it all back I'd take it back today,
But then I wouldn't be left with a whole bunch more to say.

Because a man gets by the only way he can,
And my way just happens to occasionally offend.
I'm sure that you don't agree with the way I live,
But the amount of fingers on my feet are the amount of damns I give.

You probably don’t believe story that I’m telling you,
And if I’m being honest now it’s not completely true.
I’d like to say I don’t enjoy every single sin,
But a Samaritan I’ll never be and have never ever been.

You better watch out, I’m coming straight for you.
Lock the doors, hide your kids and bar the windows too.
I wrong the wrong and I wrong the right as well.
I don’t really give a damn cause I’m straight to hell.
I’ll meet you there years from now, in amongst the flames.
And I’ll greet you all like family because we’re really all the same.
Track Name: Wake In Fright feat. Laneous
Oh, moulding nights,
Wake in fright.
Losing sight,
Of sober light.

Venture dark,
This reckless spark.
To see how far,
The limits are.

Sheets to the windy air,
With mind that devil may care.
Push the envelope devil dare,
Tickle the edge and leave it there.

Thank my stars and fate and all,
That I’ve escaped the clutch of laws.
And not yet woken on the wrong side of walls,
For crimes that I would not recall.

Congratulate the power of my will,
For breathing thru this seething swill.
This mind and soul that cant be killed,
And this mortal body that holds fast still.

Are these jumbled memories,
From dreams or drunk realities?
This blinding light won’t take me down,
I will last this drunken town.

Town, I will last this drunken town.
This drunken town.

You won’t take me alive.
You won’t take me alive.
Got a ticket to the sunken city.

I step out the door.
Fall into forever more.
With drunken angels on my door step.
To guide me thru my trek.

This town is a whirlpool,
Full of self medicated fools.
It’s a vortex that I can’t escape.
I’ll make the most of this fate.
Track Name: Food Fight
Body fall, thud of clay
Senses pall, in disarray

To rise, incapable
Inside, empty hole

While cities, waste congeal
Indulge and devour and consume
'Can naidu

Water there to drink
Bountiful feast to eat

But no well i find
Growing green into blight

My frame, nebulous
Quietly place me into this dry earth

Cannot win, continue play
Think to share, but take away

Starving bones, no remain
Is it crime, none to blame

Oh we yearn, what you waste,
A morsel, a taste or a scrape, we need haste
Track Name: Erotic Novel feat. Robert Zosars
A steamy, sunny day,
A day made for sexual encounters. A day such as today.
Where a sensual, specimen of specific specifications. 36-24-36.
She starts strolling down the urban slums of a smelly, stinky, yet somewhat attractive alley,
But she's not alone, some moustachioso surrounded by ugly fragrance and testosterone, follows her down the alley.
And this is where the dark magic begins.

It starts like an erotic novel, it ends in a dirty brothel.
You don't know where it's going, and you can't see it coming.
It starts like an erotic novel, and the pages all stick together.

She turns around and the man attacks.
But the prey is just as excited of the predator.
Things get animalistic as they go ballistic.
Their naked skin stained by the summer sun.
As they start making noises, as they start, oh as they get loud.

20 minutes have passed, and they're both enjoying the role-play.
Building a head of steam, going for gold,
In a mutual competition of endurance.
Secluded within the alley, again they make loud noises,
They grunt loud.